My name is Mathew Silvestre and I am a student at Holy Cross

I made this page for my ICT class,and I also love to play sports. Some of the sports I play are soccer, ball hockey, and football. I also like to play basketball on my free time with my friends.
While building the robot we faced some problems. We had troubles finding which parts we needed to build certain parts of the robot as their were many different kinds of parts. We also had trouble with programing the robot and finding which was the right program and which program would gives us the most success for our robot. I was surprised that it took us a very short amount of time to complete the robot compared to others. Also i was surprised that it took us very few failed attempts to get the robot to avoid obstacles in front of it and balance itself while walking around. When we were building the robot i was concerned that it might not be able to balance itself while walking around or that we did not build the robot properly.

During the process of building the robot i had many observations. One observation i made was that their many parts to the robot. They came in many different shapes and sizes but they all had something to do with the robot. Every little piece was important, no matter what the size of the part was it played an important role in building the robot. If one part was in the wrong place the robot could fail and not work. Another observation that i made was that the robot was quite heavy for its size. With all of the small pieces you would think that it would be that heavy but it was. I also noticed that the robot moved quite fast and was able to regain its balance if it hit and object or if we kicked it.
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP allows you to easlily move files from one computer to another. If you are creating a website FTP will help you alot.

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. HTTP is is used by everyone on the web. It defines how the messages and the browers are transmitted and also what actions that the web servers and browers should take.